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Paris and Pompidou

"Metro station Rambuteau"

Rambuteau is the nearest metro station to the Centre Pompidou.

Forty years after it was built, the Centre Pompidou can still trigger angry discussions. Is it the first post-modernist masterpiece or just a grotesque piece of street theatre, the Ubu Roi of modern architecture? One thing is for sure: the building will not leave you indifferent and will ask you to come out on one side or the other. There is no middle ground here.

The Centre is named after the French President Georges Pompidou whose objective it was to drag Paris into the modern era and to make it look like a 20th century city. Like Birmingham, for example. Or Bucharest. The ideas to replace the old markets of Paris with the Les Halles shopping centre and to build high-speed motorways on the banks of the Seine were also his. As was the Montparnasse Tower.

God knows if anything of fuddy-duddy Paris would still be left if he had not died, suddenly and in the middle of his first term, in 1974.

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