Paris Movie Walks, nominated Travel Guide Book of the year, now available for your iPhone!

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About the Book

"The cover of the Paris Movie Walks - 10 Guided Walking Tour book"

10 walking tours in Paris Movie Walks

Be the star on the greatest movie set in the world!

From Truffaut and Godard to Brando and Hepburn, Paris has been a magnet for filmmakers and movie stars alike, whose careers don’t seem complete unless they’ve made at least one film in the world’s most romantic location. Now see it from a whole new angle through the lenses of famous directors.

Four walks take you past all of Paris’ famous sites while telling which stars walked these same streets before you and where they paused to kiss or kill. Three explore hidden nooks that tourists often overlook, and three offer a taste of the “Old Paris” of 30s and 40s classics.

Along the way, the author provides commentary to enrich your appreciation of what you’re seeing as you sip wine at sidewalk cafes. Maps make it easy to follow along and a complete index of films guides you to your favorite flicks.

6 comments to About the Book

  • Love Paris and Must go back. Although the second time would probably never be as good as the first time.

  • Love the cover & it sounds like a great book, and a lot of work.

  • Hi Michael,
    Sounds like a fantastic book – and must’ve been great fun to research/write. Will certainly give a copy of it to my husband, who’s been a member of the Cinematheque Francaise as long as we’ve lived in Paris. And I look forward to doing your tours, even if we’re completely versed in the city.

    I came to your site to look for an email address for you (had wanted to introduce THATLou and invite you and Marlys more formally than through twitter), but to no avail. When time allows, please drop me a line?
    Kind regards,

  • Sounds like a must-read and definitely going on my Good Reads list. Since writing A Bon Chat, Bon Rat, I’ve made the acquaintance of a lot more readers who are simply in love with the city as a setting. So I’ll be sure to pass this title along. Can’t wait to see more of the photos too.

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