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Watching Midnight in Paris Over and Over Again

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Nowadays, the film industry seem to put visual beauty and imagery lower in their priorities, preferring faster paced jostling action themes.

This is a bit of a pity because for some the cinema mainly provides a  visual experience. Sometimes, we all just want to sit back and watch something serene and beautiful.

It is no wonder that most people nowadays would rather watch their selected movies at home.

Take for example Woody Allen’s latest movie, Midnight in Paris, which is now many people’s favourite. A film that people, who’ve been to Paris and fell in love with the city, would want to watch over and over. (Much like the film Amelie.)

“Midnight in Paris” is quite a surprise success, even for Woody Allen. This film is quite unique in that it combines a number of different factors not commonly seen in one package. There is a blend of something very Hollywood about its style and something thoroughly artistic that could appeal even to Parisians. There is no denying the film’s beauty.

While the plot in itself is somewhat intriguing, it is the feel of this film . . . → Read More About Hollywood’s Love Affair with Paris: Watching Midnight in Paris Over and Over Again