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Hollywood and Paris – A Love Affair – Part I

At some point in the last 70 or 80 years, Hollywood fell in love with Paris. “Why Paris?” a bemused outsider might wonder. Why not the equally lovely Venice or Rome? Why not London: haven’t these two so much more in common?

But love falls where it falls and Paris it was – and has been ever since. From The Merry Widow to Julie & Julia no foreign location has attracted more attention from American moviemakers over the years than Paris.

And just like every love story that stretches over such a long period of time, this one, too, has had its ups and downs. They may now be an old couple, perhaps overly familiar with each other, but once they were sweet – and before that, they were complete strangers. Let’s have a look at the way things were when it all started, in the years before, during and shortly after WW II.


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