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Romantic Paris in Winter

"romantic paris"

Romantic Paris in Winter
Even in winter, romantic Paris proves true to its calling. It may be cold, it may be drizzly, but that doesn’t stop lovers to come and celebrate their romance in the City of Love.

Planning a romantic getaway in the spring is the easiest thing in the world. In April, when the trees are springing back into life and birdsong fills the air, even the grimiest industrial town may feel like the perfect backdrop for a romantic experience.

But it is in winter that Paris proves it is truly the City of Love. Do you think Barcelona or even Monte Carlo can compete?

Paris offers more romance bang for your time and money than any other city on earth. On a cold and wet February afternoon, it is one of the few places that can make you think that this strangely faint and hazy thing called winter light can actually surpass the beauty of a summer’s day.

Although even in Paris, there is no escaping from a cold easterly wind – or is there?

 Is romantic Paris your destination this Valentine’s Day? 

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